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LMS: what your company needs to manage training

Have you thought about managing all your T&D actions online? With the help of an LMS you can. Discover all that a digital learning management platform can do for your company! Can you imagine having all your company information compiled in one place? Being able to answer questions, train and guide employees with a single […]

LMS: perceive what it’s and also the main options of the training Management System

The year 2020 brought many changes to society and also the company world. If before there was a resistance to feat data of most people remotely, the pandemic within the new coronavirus has created on-line coaching conquer a lot of and more room in organizations . This is as a result of remote learning is […]

LMS benefits for company and employees

Within companies, the LMS may be a powerful tool for training and developing employees, additionally to contributing to the individual development plan (PDI) , increasing the retention of talent. That’s because it can be integrated with a people management tool . Thus, the HR sector, together with managers and leaders, after mapping the behavioral profile […]

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