LMS: what your company needs to manage training

LMS what your company needs to manage training

Have you thought about managing all your T&D actions online? With the help of an LMS you can. Discover all that a digital learning management platform can do for your company!

Can you imagine having all your company information compiled in one place? Being able to answer questions, train and guide employees with a single tool? With the increasing popularity of distance education in the scope of corporate education, the LMS (learning management system) is the means capable of making all this possible.

This technology was developed to manage the structure and process where learning should take place, through the provision of knowledge. Therefore, in the learning management system, knowledge is made available through courses and training, while pertinent information is recorded for managers of this teaching-learning process.

LMS what your company needs to manage training

With the growing awareness of companies about the need to implement a T&D area, the tool has gained space as they are true knowledge management repositories for business success. If EaD is a huge ocean of possibilities for companies, without an LMS it would be like trying to cross this ocean paddling a small canoe alone.

Advantages of Using LMS

You may have noticed that the way we relate to information, knowledge and other people is changing, right? Understanding this change is important to understand the need to offer information – in the form of training – in an adequate way to this new relationship: man, technology and information.

Thus, we have separated some advantages that the use of the LMS in corporate education brings to companies – regardless of the work methods, characteristics and peculiarities of each organization.


1 – School dedicated to your company

Imagine having at your disposal a school dedicated to your company. A place where all information related to the organization’s processes, market and culture is filed.

In addition, your collaborators can access these contents whenever they need to ask a question. From wherever they are, wherever they have internet access. In this way, the LMS helps relieve HR with various processes related to T&D.

2 – Customization and automation

The LMS can also be customized, both in its interface and in its contents. Thus, companies are able to offer training focused on their needs and according to their demands. In this way, it helps to automate learning processes and policies. Everything, of course, in accordance with the company’s values ​​and culture.

Furthermore, the impact of this tool, properly managed, is enormous. This is because it leverages the employee’s knowledge to perform their professional role. It also attracts the employee to the content and activities available, increasing engagement and reflecting on the company’s daily results. After all, this is what is expected of any training: that the employee applies what they have learned.

3 – Content Management

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of the LMS is the content management itself. That’s because it supports a multitude of formats, such as: presentations, texts, videos or external media.

Therefore, keeping this material hosted, updated and adapted to the needs of the different audiences to be trained can solve a number of other problems. For example: non-conforming products, process errors, low knowledge about the products, out-of-spec inputs, opening calls and end customers who misuse a service.

LMS focused on employee results

When a company offers training to its employees, the objective of this investment is to improve professional performance in order to obtain better results. Therefore, there is a need to monitor the results achieved in the teaching-learning process.

LMS what your company needs to manage training

Thus, an LMS platform makes it possible to manage information about its users individually, such as: personal data, time dedicated to training, platform usage habits and evaluation results. In other words, a learning management platform delivers a series of reports with information and metrics to analyze the success of the training offered.

Because only with this information in hand the manager is able to identify the potential of his team, undisclosed talents, missing knowledge and contents that should be reinforced through complementary materials.

Communication within the LMS

Therefore, this platform must provide tools for messages to reach the public quickly and clearly, and the opposite must also be true. In this case, allowing the employee to clarify doubts or easily search for information they need.

In addition to these channels between T&D, instructor and employee, the integration among the participants of a training is also an important point, since the exchange of information between them tends to generate new knowledge and, consequently, more learning. Therefore, chat tools and discussion forums are essential for any LMS.

The company’s future with the LMS

Have you ever imagined the possibilities for growth of a company with an LMS platform? With the adoption of this tool, it is possible to train everyone involved in the company’s production chain, making the organization a Learning Company.

Even more: with the LMS a company can plan to grow faster and more securely, regardless of the adopted strategy. Whether through the opening of new branches, acquisition of competing companies, franchises and others. Anyone who has experience in the market knows the headache of training many people in a short period of time. And with the platform, the task is optimised.

In addition, a company prepared to grow, which has an LMS, when hiring new professionals, has an entire knowledge base ready, just waiting for access. Thus, all you have to do is enroll newcomers and train, all in keeping with the organization’s culture and values.

In fact, strategic HR is in the future of companies that learn . With the ability to train employees with skills aligned with business objectives.

LMS: what your company needs to manage training

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